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Aug. 21st, 2007

Bryant and me

Little boy is growing up...

So Bryant had his first day of kindergarten yesterday. Louis, Valerie and me all took him to his classroom and dropped him off. He was so excited! He was such a big boy too. Usually he is real clingy when it comes to new surroundings but he wasn't this time. He didn't even whine when we left. Everyone kept asking me if I cried, but I actually didn't. I think that I might have, had he made a big scene but he was just like "okay y'all can go now." He said that he had a good day and that he really liked his teacher. He couldn't wait to go back today. As soon as we walked into the door at the house he ran over unzipped his bookbag and got out his daily book and showed me that the teacher gave him a smiley face. He was so proud, of course I was proud too. This is the boy that usually takes a month or so to warm up to new people and surroundings. It shows me that he is really growing up now.
Louis is starting to go back to work tomorrow so we are putting Valerie back into day care. I found one that is close to his school. I am letting him ride the bus to school in the morning which today was his first time. I just don't see the point in driving to his school and having to wait in line to drop him off and get stuck in all that traffic to where I have to stay later at work for being late. It will be a lot easier and less time for him to just ride the bus in the morning.
Well, I am off to work now. I'm not feeling the greatest but I have a busy workday ahead. If I am not feeling better tomorrow, I might call out sick. I would have today but I have my once a month check run today that has to be done today, so I knew as long as I could move then my boss would make me come in.

Mar. 21st, 2007


Update on Bryant...

So we went to the doctor yesterday and I felt really good about the visit. We discussed how he was acting at home and school and she basically told us that he was a typical 4 year old boy. She said that she didn't really want to test him for ADHD because she didn't feel like he has it. She said that he shows that he is paying attention by being able to write his name and know his colors and numbers and recognize part of the alphabet. She made me feel alot better about the situation. She basically said that the people at that day care are nuts. That he just didn't fit into their needs. That they shouldn't expect from him all of the stuff that they want. Yeah, some kids might be able to handle it, but she thinks that they were too strict especially when it comes to school work. That they should be doing more hands on things. She said that it was probably a good thing that I took him out because now he will probably have a better learning experience somewhere else. That the director shouldn't have taken Bryant as being rude and disrespectful when he wouldn't answer her. He was in trouble and embarrassed and the lady should have understood that. Plus the lady punished him all day long for thinking that he was rude and disrespectful. The doctor said that children need their playtime. That it is a requirement. She also printed me out a thing on reinforcing better behavior. I read it last night and found some ideas to work on him with. He does have to have a blood test done this week because I told her about how he is always complaining about being tired. I wouldn't be as concerned if I didn't have a sister that died from cancer and the first sign was her complaining about her back hurting her and being tired. So hopefully we will get good results back from that.

Feb. 27th, 2007


(no subject)

We had a good weekend. We took Bryant to the monster truck show and he had a blast. My dad went with us. My brother was suppose to go and backed out at the last minute because he had to work late and was working again Sunday. The show was a lot better this year than it has been in the past. I have always enjoyed going but it seemed like they put more thought into it since they new it was going to be the biggest one yet. I never could get a definate on how many people were going so we ended up buying our tickets there. We had nose bleed seats but it wasn't bad. You could see everything fine. I remember when I was little going with my dad and buying tickets the day of and you would be right down in the front so it shows you how much it has grown.

Shannon's parents brought me an entertainment center this weekend. One of their friends had gotten a huge TV and it wouldn't fit in theirs and it matched Shannon's parents furniture so they wanted it. Since they didn't have anyone else to give it to they asked if I wanted it and I jumped up on the offer. I hate the entertainment center we had. The only reason it stayed around so long is for some reason Louis liked it. It has gotten old now and about had it so I was ready for a change. The new one looks so much better. It has more room to put controllers and odd and end stuff in it. Of course Valerie loves it because she can open and close the doors.

Sunday we went to church and we had dinner afterwards. The last Sunday of the month we always have a potluck dinner at church. It is fun because you get to eat things you wouldn't normally cook at home. We did a little shopping afterwards and I finally found me a new pair of dress shoes. I have been looking for a new pair of brown and black heels for work for over a month. Everytime I am near a shoe store I look and I always find shoes I like but they never have my size. I finally went to payless and found a pair of brown ones there. I don't usually like getting shoes from there because they always seem to fall apart long before they should. I still have to find me a new pair of black ones.

A few months ago I met this really great woman and she is a Mary Kay consultant. I had for a while contemplated on becoming one myself. I thought it would be kinda fun and a way to get a discount on good makeup and make a little extra money. It is best if you buy the product a head of time so when you sale stuff you already have it. So I had told her once I got my income tax back I would sign up. Well this year has sucked so I haven't been that motivated to do it anymore and just don't feel like messing with it but this woman insists that it is for me. She has been really awesome and helpful and it is so hard for me to tell her that I just don't want to do it anymore. She wants me to go out with her one night so she can get my motivation to do it back and I so don't want to. I keep putting her off thinking that she will get the hint but this woman is a go getter and obviously isn't going to stop. So I guess next time I talk to her I am just going to have to say I'm sorry I have really been thinking about it and it just isn't for me. I think I could do it somewhat but when it comes to talking to strangers I am a little shy and I think that would hold me back.

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